Addicted to Love or Dating?

Love and Dating Addiction

Are you in a relationship but constantly looking around for something (or someone) better? Addicts to love or dating do not necessarily have the same symptoms of sex addicts such as being obsessed with porn. Love addicts are drawn to the romance of courtship, often fantasizing about a life with someone they barely know.

Sherry Hauer, author of Insatiable: A Memoir of Love Addiction says that when she was in her twenties, she was consumed with the idea of meeting her Prince Charming. Even when she was already in a relationship, she craved attention from other men. “I became extremely needy, weak, and dependent in relationships,” she explains. “I constantly longed for attention — and everything that I represented on the outside became a shell of nothing on the inside.”

Sometimes, she’d picture a life with someone before the second date. Hauer’s story is worth mentioning, because while love addiction may not carry the same level of social stigma as sex and porn addiction, a constant drive to date new people leads to very destructive behaviors that can ruin relationships. Read more about Hauer and love addiction on Yahoo.