Client Information & Rates

Client Information 

Welcome! Please feel free to always ask any questions about our office policies or therapy not covered in this statement. The state laws which license psychologists and counselors require that each new client receive the following information and disclosure, and that this be acknowledged in writing.

Appointments and Fees
Appointments are 45-50 minutes in length.

The fee for professional time spent in therapy, consultation or evaluation is $185. For couples, the fee is $195. Group therapy sessions are $40-60. Your initial 15 minute consultation is free, with no obligation.

It is important to call on time because your appointment will not be extended beyond the scheduled time as a result of a late start. Your appointment time is held exclusively for you. If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, please give us at least twenty-four hours (preferably 48 hours) advance notice to cancel.

If you do call to cancel but it is less than twenty-four hours before your appointment time, the charge is half the cost of a session. If you cannot keep your appointment and do not call to cancel, you will be charged full price of a session.

If you need to end your telephone session prior to its full length, or if you need to interrupt the session for any reason, there will be no refunds.


In general, payment is due at the time services are provided. If we have established a special payment plan, then payment is due as specified in the plan.

We accept credit card payments over the phone, or checks or money orders made out to “Hirsch Counseling.” All credit card payments will be processed at the time of service.